Noah (angelbob) wrote,

If it's Wednesdayish, It might be Brezsnyish

This week, Brezsny tells me:

It's Makeover Season, Gemini. This would be a perfect astrological moment to get your whole body tattooed, start wearing wigs of varying color and length, and have a cosmetic surgeon reshape your face to resemble that of your favorite celebrity. JUST KIDDING! I was exaggerating. The omens do suggest it's a good time to experiment with your physical appearance and make adjustments in your persona, but not as drastically as I first suggested.

On that note, anybody got a *clue* what I should be doing with my hair? Overall I like my appearance a lot, but my hair doesn't seem to want to be much beyond "reasonably low maintenance, especially if long." But short's my only serious option on a motorcycle.

Maybe there's something to that multicolored wigs suggestion :-)
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