Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Just when I was starting to hit my work groove...

I've been really sucking as a Broadcom employee, especially this last couple of weeks. I just don't like doing what I'm doing.

I put in a lot of hours this weekend, though, and was finally really getting going -- it looked like I was making up a reasonable amount of progress, and I could start doing better.

I found out five or ten minutes ago that what I finally got done wasn't, in fact, required, nor was it what I was actually supposed to be doing. The assignment was never given very formally, so between what I was told and the assumptions I made, I've been doing something much harder than needs to be done.

So now it's useless and I'm going to throw it away.

I'm tired. My head hurts. I've been working since about 5:30 am and it's now 11:00. I've got six more hours of workday, minimum, and a release today, and it turns out that I've basically done nothing toward my part of it since I've been doing the wrong thing.

This is not helping my morale any.
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