Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Saw Men In Black 2 yesterday. It was okay. They had a very large number of silly cliches and they would give just enough of them to let the audience know what was up, then skip to their necessary conclusion. I'm trying to decide how I feel about that as a cinematic convention, but it's growing on me.

Just as an example: Will Smith vaporizes the evil alien whats-her-name and as they leave you see a tiny remaining pod begin sprouting new appendages. Maybe a minute later she's chasing them, fully-restored, in a vehicle. Because, y'know, duh, of course she's going to regrow and chase them without skipping a beat, so why show it?

Why she doesn't use this trick again after the movie's finale is never explained. Fair enough. It's supposed to be an action movie, and that's exactly what it delivers. I was kinda hoping for something brainless, and there it was.

We *did* see the movie with a guy who played one of the agents, though, which is kinda neat. He didn't have any actual lines and was just background, but still...

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