Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Is health insurance supposed to, y'know, kind of work?

My previous need for it was met by a heroic effort to retroactively add me *after* the last minute because my paperwork had been lost. When I called from the hospital, the reply was basically, "health insurance? You have no health insurance."

Oddly, that's got a lot in common with my second attempt to use it. Except apparently I had health insurance at my previous job, but they never stopped paying for it so I couldn't get it at my current job... So I couldn't file the claim here. And I needed a phone number and member number to even *talk* to anybody about my previous policy, which I thought had been discontinued months ago. I now have to be mailed a form, file the form, and pray they still think they've heard of me *after* I switch over to my current insurance... But the switchover is late enough that I can't file the claim under my current policy.

So I'm basically relying on their goodwill, or me being willing to sue over a fairly small amount of money.

That seems to be roughly how health insurance works... It's going to be horrifically painful to use, so you'd better be really badly hurt. Oy.
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