Noah (angelbob) wrote,

The Weekend

I had a really productive four-day weekend.

Evil OS installed on computer: check

Installed Mandrake linux on computer: check

New computer working with decent video modes, linux and windows: check

Motorcycle fixed: check

Saw out-of-town friends: check

Saw Rachel: check

Changed oil in car: check

Assembled desk and installed it in new location: check

Cleaned apt: half-check (partial vacuuming and full rearranging)

Laundry: check

Dry cleaning: nope, they were closed

Secured ungodly quantity of fresh fruit and dessert: check, plus I made Sangria

Released MUDLib version 0.009: check

Computer prepped for WarCraft III later this week: check

And probably other things I'm forgetting. This weekend rocked as far as getting stuff done. I even finished Barry Hughart's "Eight Skilled Gentlemen".
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