Noah (angelbob) wrote,

My two excellent housemates, tshuma and bk2w, have made an offer on a house of their own. I won't upstage their own announcement with any further details of the place, which looks lovely.

However, that means the Disaster House Party on July 16th will be their last as hosts. While I *do* plan to continue throwing parties, I expect them to change character somewhat. It's just not the same party if you have different hosts, is it?

It also means I'm looking for new housemates. We don't 100% know when they'll be leaving, but it looks like August or September. Which leaves us with the question - do you know anybody who'd want to live with me in Fremont?

I'm offering half a house - I get a bedroom, you get a bedroom, and the common areas are shared or split fifty-fifty. The shared areas include the office, the living room, a storage shed in back, a two-car garage, and the usual storage-y parts of kitchen and bathroom. There's just generally a good amount of space (some of which is currently kept off-limits at the DHP).

There's a hot tub. We have a tremendously good washer and dryer. There's an air-conditioner and wall heaters. The electrical system is recently upgraded and quite powerful and capable. There's a good amount of parking - driveway, garage and street. We have high hedges and fences for privacy. There's good access to both 680 and 880. The neighborhood is pretty quiet, but not quiet enough that a little noise is a problem. I happen to think our landlord rocks ;-)

I consider the house chores to be a shared responsibility. That's stuff like cleaning, taking out the trash, and yard work. We don't have to alternate doing each chore, but I'm looking for a pretty equal division. I'd be willing to discuss things like gardening or maid service, which would then be a shared cost, just like the utilities. Currently we don't do either of those.

Your base rent would be about half of what a house would rent for around here - basically, we'd split the rent, we're just renting from *me*, so I cover the difference between rent and mortgage. I'm going to do a bit more research in places like CraigsList, but currently I'm expecting half of that to come to between $750 and $850 per month. Shared utilities (water, garbage, gas & electric, phone or broadband if you use it) are split fifty-fifty.

I consider it my responsibility to pay for maintenance and repair on the house and appliances. If you want something specifically upgraded, we'll talk about how that gets paid for - I can't drop $2000 for a nifty new appliance any time I feel like it, sadly.

There are some other things worth talking about - how you feel about hosting big parties, for instance :-) But make sure the rest of the living situation looks good first. If we're not pretty happy as housemates, we won't make good co-hosts. My first priority is to make sure I've found somebody I can live with happily, and *then* we'll see about what kind of events we want to host.

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