Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Everything has been busy happening to me lately. On Thursday or so I remember thinking I should post that I'd been having odd dreams. Something about falling off a roof, clawing my way up it as a guy I know but rarely see had fallen down and was hanging onto my legs for dear life. Another one the previous night where an obnoxious fat Texan guy had been hired to kill me, and I was trying to run away and/or kill him first. I got his assistant, though I don't recall overall how the dream came out.

I've gotten less than I'd like done this week. I still need to do significant amounts of computer stuff, upgrading and whatnot. I got another box of organic vegetables and so I should do lots of cooking before things start to go bad. I haven't done serious exercise in, like, well over a week, and I've been slacking pretty badly for another two weeks before that. The kitchen's still dirty, the carpet could still use vacuuming, the bathroom floor still needs mopping and the last two carboys of mead still need bottling.

So what have I gotten done? Spent time with the girlfriends, which isn't to say that pretty much anybody's satisfied with the amount of time I'm giving them. Got a (very) little done at work. Moved a desk in pieces into my apartment to set up, which will take more time I don't have. Got a smidgen of reading and work on the MUDLib done, though no complete books read and no big new features written. I forget, I guess. I must have done something.

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