Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Allergy Party is *NOT* Sunday!

The Allergy Party will *not* be this coming Sunday. Please respond to this with whether you can make the new time. I'm very sorry, this was just re-announced on the Sleepwalkers list.

The organizer of the event writes:

Greetings again,

Due to many comments about scheduling conflicts, including one from
the co-presenter (D'oh! :-), the allergy elimination party is being
rescheduled to:

Wednesday evening, June 1 (that's 2 about weeks from now),
starting at 6pm, and lasting till we run out of steam and cookies :-)

Here's the new announcement:

What: Allergy elimination PARTY!
[free beta-testing of an event series]
Who: Sergey Berezin and Kare'n Pivazyan
Where: Stanford, Gates building, room 260
When: Wed, June 1, starting 6pm (till at least 8pm, most likely longer)
Cost: $5 donation for food and drinks
How: RSVP (required)

We are planning to launch a series of events like this in the future, and those who come for the first free beta-testing on June 1st will earn a discount for the subsequent events in the future.

Once you decide to come, please let me know by responding to this address. If you want to attend, but have a scheduling conflict, please let me know what specific dates and times would work better for you. Do it fast though, as I won't reschedule the event once we have several solid RSVPs.

More details:

The topic of the party is the "Counterexample process", also known in NLP as the "allergy elimination process." It is a very powerful and quite provocative (from the traditional medical prospective) NLP process for eliminating virtually any unwanted adverse reaction to an otherwise harmless stimulant.

In short, if you have an allergy on pollen, cigaret smoke, certain foods, certain cats, or certain people (e.g. your boss), OR know someone who does, come on in for the party, have fun, and get rid of these symptoms! Bring your friends who have allergies with you, too!

Now, if you are finding an irresistable urge to join the fun, hit the "Reply" button *now* and send me an RSVP note that you'll be coming (and bringing 5 friends with you). This will help us to ensure that there is enough FOOD for everybody.

The directions to the building are on the Web at

I'll be waiting at the main entrance to Gates building shortly before 6pm to let people in.

See you there!

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