Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Anybody got an allergy they want to get rid of?

Some of you know that I'm a member of a hypnotherapy practice organization called 'Sleepwalkers'. Mainly I'm not all that impressed by what they do, but every so often something interesting shows up...

On Sunday at 1pm at Stanford, they'll be using a NeuroLinguistic Programming technique for eliminating allergies. While I'm familiar with the basic idea of hypnotic allergy reduction or elimination, I haven't seen how the NLPers do it yet. But given how well their stuff works against, say, phobias, I'm quite keen on learning. So I'm planning to show up and watch.

However, they're also very interested in people who want actual allergies removed. It's only five bucks a person to show up, and there will apparently be snacks. If you actually want an allergy removed I'd happily spring for your five bucks, 'cause I want to see the technique in action. Anybody up for it?
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