Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This is what I wrote about last time I updated, too, but I've been thinking about it today. I wrote this on SourceForge, where it was more appropriate.

Phantasmal turned a year old yesterday, on June 18th. It's
had over 100 SourceForge downloads, over 150 CVS checkins,
it's got a second developer (well, nominally) and at least
one or two people have installed DGD to try out Phantasmal
rather than the other way around. It's been in the 90%+
activity range on SourceForge for over a week, and is just
about to hit 70th percentile for its all-time activity total.

For somebody preparing to write their own MUDLib, Phantasmal
is the best base to start from -- it's better than Melville,
and the license is less restrictive. Phantasmal has grown
into its niche, and now dominates it. That means it's time
to start expanding that niche from its current itty-bitty size.

In a very small, very obscure way, I rock.
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