Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This week, Rob says:

You can, of course, choose to ignore the invitations that life will offer you in the coming weeks. Having free will means you can always refuse to go with the cosmic flow. But if you would like to weave the threads of a higher destiny into the fabric of your humdrum routine, you should meditate on how you can be more of a leader. Are there ways you could energize a group or organization you're part of? Are you ready to seize the initiative in one of your close relationships, shepherding it into a new era? Are you willing to summon the courage to rise above the hypnotic numbness of the daily grind, stretching your imagination to see the big picture?

Hm. Two immediate things come to mind here. Not that there aren't a universe of possibilities. On one, I'm doing well. On one, I'm doing tolerably. And on the universe of possibilities, I'm mostly doing something unrelated :-)

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