Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Had a lovely weekend... ravenslost and I did a fair amount of talking, generally the good kind. We hit the Farmer's Market and a good bakery on Saturday, and then went into the city for the Chinese New Year Parade, which was pretty decent. We finished off with Ebisu for dinner. Mmm... Ebisu. Anybody that's tempted to go soon really should - they've got all the good specials right now. Not only the live scallop and the Kobe beef, but they've also got matsutake mushroom soup, which is absolutely wonderful and not in season for much of the year.

On Sunday, we again went into SF for a class in the morning (would have been a massive disappointment at full price, but at our approximately 95% discount, it was okay). We then hit a bookstore where I picked up a book by Will Eisner about how stuff works in comics, and then we went to an exhibition of vintage gay erotica that Raven had been interested in seeing.

Also, I've now finished my current bout of bed shopping. My new King-size mattress will arrive a week from Wednesday. While I didn't manage to find Select Sleep, I checked several other chains. Allow me to recommend that you never, never buy from Sleep Train unless you can haggle them down to something sane, which would be about 50% or less of marked price.

I wound up dropping about $1200 at Mancini, which included both a nice firm King-size mattress and a set of so-so 300 thread-count sheets. I discovered over the week-or-so of trying out mattresses that I care a lot less about coil count and a lot more about the coil gauge - that is, the thickness of the wire making up the coil. While I think of myself as liking really firm mattresses, I mainly just like any mattress that uses a 12-and-some gauge coil rather than the usual 15-and-some gauge.

The lovely xeyda located a place online that will sell me silk sheets - I shall have to determine whether they come in deep-pocket variety, because all the mattresses I really liked were very tall and required them.

If you're looking for Queen-size sheets and possibly a frame (Clyde, do you still want that one? Can you pick it up fairly soon?), I'll be looking to get rid of some, so stake your claim early. And now that I know my bed size, I shall have to begin looking for another set of 400-thread-count cotton sheets. Mmm....
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