Noah (angelbob) wrote,

If it isn't Wednesday, it must not be... No, wait.

This week, Brezsny tells the Gemini:

It's a perfect time to convene a summit conference for all your sub-personalities. Most of them are now amenable to setting aside their differences and agreeing on a new master plan. Even your inner child and your inner stuntperson are inclined to see eye-to-eye. That bodes well for the possibility of staging a festival of harmony that brings out the cooperative spirit in your inner gadfly, your inner rebel, your inner spy, and several other inner selves that normally pursue their private agendas.

Dude, my inner child and my inner stuntman have *always* seen eye-to-eye. That's one reason I didn't let my inner child out much when I *was* a child. I'm deeply amused that the contrary personalities he listed as never agreeing are the ones that are in the fore in my life most of the time. I wonder if I can get the outliers in my personality like my Inner Financial Planner, my Inner Responsible Adult and my Inner Prudent Decision-Maker on board for a change :-)
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