Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Today will be day #3 of boot camp (I'm on the flex plan, 3x per week for five weeks rather than 5x). So far, so good, but it *is* still week numero uno. I'm eating a lot more potassium, so with luck I can keep my muscles from getting *too* sore. I know yesterday was not a happy time for my abdominal muscles.

Saw rightkindofme last night, for the first time in distinctly too long. Yay! We had fun. And port. They're a good combination.

Bed shopping soon. I need a new mattress. The old one is on its last legs, so to speak. Anybody want a big impressive headboard and footboard that won't fit my new king-sized mattress? They're the Pier One "Pyramid" series, if that helps.
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