Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This week, Brezsny tells the Gemini:

Happy Valentine Daze, Gemini! Have you heard of the Mile-High Club? Anyone can become a member. All you have to do is get jiggy in an airplane at least 5,280 feet above the earth. Another flamboyant group of pleasure-seekers is comprised of mountain-climbers who boink during their trek up Mt. Everest. Then there are the people who travel to far-flung spots where they have sex outdoors during total eclipses of the sun. I urge you to be inspired by their examples in the near future: Enjoy your own brand of adventurous eroticism. The astrological omens say it's a favorable time for lovemaking that breaks a taboo or two as it blows your mind in the best ways.

Heh. I'm never too far off from this, but I'll keep an especial eye out in the next week or so.
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