Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Yesterday was my first day of boot camp. No, not military boot camp. This is an exercise program at Stanford.

I managed to run a mile in 8:49 as part of running a mile and a half in 14:02. That's not great, but all things considered, I'll take it. I also managed to do 60 push-ups in two minutes, which is okay, and about 45 of those were in the first minute, which is pretty damn good. I did only 65 USMC sit-ups in two minutes - my middle is a tub of goo, at least compared to where it should be. However, that was still well above average for the group, so my expectations are perhaps a tad unreasonable. Also, USMC sit-ups are a lot harder than crunches, so I'm *really* not comparing myself to my years-ago total of 130. That was crunches, and this number is not.

If it helps, apparently I'd need 80 sit-ups in two minutes to qualify as a US marine (among other physical requirements, obviously). So 65's not awful.

I kept referring to myself as "getting squishy in the middle". xeyda, cute girl that she is, now refers to my tummy as "Squishy", and when I talk about boot camp sounds sad and says things like "bye bye, Squishy!"

I figured I'd share. Some things are too cute not to.

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