Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Back on the Sin City thing...

I saw a trailer on kraydon's journal. This was my response:

My impression of the trailer (I've read the comics) is that they absolutely nailed everything with Marv. He's perfect. He's like the comic book Marv but in motion. His scenes look just like the comic.

Everybody else? Eh. Though they also have Jessica Alba doing a pretty convincing Nancy there, other than the not-topless thing and the ominous fact that she'll have to a do some scenes later that require more acting ability and less cute undulation.

But Marv? Shit, now I'm gonna go see that movie just for him. Gimme. Hope there's a lot of him. If everybody else sucks, I've still spent a quite excusable nine bucks.

[For the record, there is almost no Kevin, aka Frodo, aka Elijah Wood in the trailer here. So I have no clue how good or bad he is in this. But the brief visions of him looked promising, especially combined with how good most of Marv's scenes look. Kevin appears almost exclusively solo or with Marv.]
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