Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Fakir's workshop

I've been thinking about doing something like this for quite awhile. It appears I'm now basically committed to going (have paid money for it, like).

So what's "it"? The answer would be "having holes poked in me and hooks put through them, as a temporary thing, and then doing stuff with that, including pulling on them." Long ago I looked at descriptions of people being pierced with large hooks and suspended from the ceiling and thought "wow. I could do that. That's something people do. Now I *really* wonder what that's like." This seems like a more reasonable first step than being bodily suspended from hooks for hours, though.

I don't know why so many related things do very little for me, but this fascinates me. But hey, I may get there, do it, and find out this doesn't do anything for me either. In my book, that'll be eight hours well-spent.


Since the last time this day long workshop/ritual was offered in the
Bay Area (at the Scenery in 2003), it's been taken to enthusiastic
community folks in Washington DC. (twice), Minneapolis (twice)., Los
Angeles, and Phoenix. Exploratory kinksters everywhere love to
participate in this mind expanding experience, opening of ecstatic
energy and a bigger self. Are you one too?

Now we are pleased to announce another chance to enjoy this hot
tribal energy in San Francisco on Saturday February 26, 2005 at the
Center for Sex and Culture. This workshop/ritual will run from 11 AM
to 7 PM. Space is limited and partly taken already. But there are
still a few openings if you wish to participate. You can attend as a
full-day participant who is PIERCED with chest hooks and optional
cheek spear, or as a full-day participant who ASSISTS and partners
with a pierced dancer in the concluding ritual. There will be lot's
of preliminary information, instruction and hands-on exercises so
participants can make an easy transition to the prolonged energy
pull at the end of the day. Friends of participants are also invited
to attend the concluding rites which will be accentuated with live

This is your opportunity to see how far an intense body ritual can
take you. If you wish to participate February 26, please reply to
this email in the next week. Send your response to and let us know what type of participation you
(or you and your partner) desire. We'll respond with a registration
email and more details.

You know Native American vision quests? Yeah, me neither, but I've heard a few specific things about them, as you probably have. (I know, not all of my readers actually answered 'no' - coyotegrrrl and company are welcome to mentally pat themselves on the back here ;-)

The idea of going out and being under severe physical strain, whether that's starvation or pain or disconnection-via-drugs, for days, is something that has long fascinated me. I don't think this will be the same, and certainly not to the same extent, but it's the same fascination. It feels the same in my mind, much how Burning Man does - it's a search for inspiration that leads through a path of serious physical hardship, and for some reason that idea really works for me.
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