Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This week, Rob says:

Last October I crammed all the fallen leaves from my mulberry tree into a garbage can, which I then hauled to a spot behind the garage and forgot about. Recently I rediscovered it. Though the temperature outside was in the 40s, the leaves inside the can were positively warm from the chemical changes going on as they rotted. Believe it or not, I immediately thought of you, Gemini. Metaphorically speaking, there is something similar going on in your life. The decay of the old stuff that you shed a few months ago is now generating a lot of energy. Can you somehow make use of it?

Hm. Interesting. Not entirely sure what this would be. I've got some snarky answers, but they're not useful or accurate, they're just gratuitously snarky.

What old stuff have I shed a couple of months ago?
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