Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Never did post this...

This week, Brezsny says:

Am I afraid of sounding too extravagantly optimistic as I deliver my predictions for your year ahead? Well, yes, a little. But I think you can handle it. Besides, there is a caveat: Since even the arrival of good news can be stressful, you may have to struggle at times to deal with all the positive changes that are on the way. Here's an example: I believe 2005 will be your Year of Mind-Wobbling, Heart-Opening Adventures in Love. To receive the fullness of the demanding gifts you'll be offered, you'll probably have to make big adjustments in your habitual behavior.

Wow. So, like, this last two years didn't even rate, and the Mind-Wobbling and Heart-Opening bits are still on their way?

Oh, shit. Maybe I'll be hiding from this good news for the first couple of months of 2005.
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