Noah (angelbob) wrote,

You remember the oddest things. This morning I was recalling a couple of them.

Years ago, a girl I was dating had long hair and so did I. We wound up spending a lot of shower time picking up hairs from each other as the water dislodged them, and putting them on the shower wall. This was mainly for the good of the drain (two long-haired people that shed often), but was also a neat, kind of comforting grooming ritual. Naturally we'd remove the hair from the tile wall after showering.

And several years ago, on the first houseboat trip I went on, there were spiders out on the water. Appparently they were ballooning spiders or some relative, because there were long, thin drifts of spiderweb floating free out over the water, not attached to anything, and the webs and spiders just floated by. It meant that sitting up top you got the occasional random spiderweb (and more rarely, a spider) settling on you that you had to remove, but it was also pretty neat. Sitting further back on the boat meant that the boat would catch most of them for you on the big shade on the front.

Houseboats are excellent.
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