Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Every so often I find time to talk to atziluth about random things like the Enneagram and Ayurvedic medicine that he spends his time on. He actually knows this stuff, I just pick up a bit from him and occasionally contrast it with stuff I *do* have a clue about.

Every so often, according to Ayurvedic medicine, something happens. I forget what the word for it in Sanskrit is, but it means something like "Saturn return" and has to do with the planet Saturn being in a particular section of the sky or perhaps moving retrograde. Ignore those specifics for a minute because I'm fuzzy on them. But there's a period of about seven years where you've got some new and specific worries - where you're effectively trying to satisfy a cranky old man (Saturn, roughly personified). During that time discipline and self-control are reasonably rewarded, and indulgence and squandering are punished unusually harshly. Again, imagine a cranky old man was getting a larger-than-usual say in the consequences of your actions.

Why do I bring this up? Because mine, according to atziluth, started about two years ago, so I've got five more to go. Because I think I've just gotten used to it... Being strong and disciplined lately and trading some self-denial for some new and important skills has been paying off for me remarkably well.

Because I need to get myself to do more of that, maybe I'll think about my Saturn Return more often if I mention it here :-)

It's time I get myself back into classes. Not college. But classes, or their very definite equivalent.
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