Noah (angelbob) wrote,

It's barely wednesday, so it must barely be Brezsny...

This week, Brezsny says to the Gemini:

As the most powerful nation prepares to choose the world's most powerful leader, we all have a stake in the proceedings. Whether or not you're an American, the candidate who wins the presidential election will deeply affect your personal future. In my estimation, John Kerry is far more likely to have a benevolent impact, George W. Bush a negative one. I've arrived at this conclusion by carefully paring away my emotional biases and taking an objective look at long-term planetary omens. In my capacity as your astrological advisor, then, I urge you to visualize Kerry being inaugurated as president next January. Now here's your homework: Meditate on Pericles' assertion that "Just because you don't take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."

I obsess about this as much as the next guy. I gave money this year to the Democrats and several times to MoveOn. I signed the occasional petition and even called my elected representatives a couple of times to support or oppose issues. So this year totals, like, ten times the actual political involvement I've ever bothered with before (yeah, I'm sad and apathetic, sue me). I even applied for my absentee ballot so it gets counted on honest-to-$DEITY paper.

If Bush gets reelected it's not because I did anything to encourage it happening. And after the scarily good run the Dems have had this year... Well, if America still reelects The Shrub, they deserve him. We had a World War when Germany got too big for its britches, and Japan, and if we're next then hey, what-the-fuck-ever. I may get that chance to get shot at after all.

So lay the fuck off, Rob. New Mexico can take care of itself this year as far as I'm concerned. Who do you think hasn't already thought about the election?

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