Noah (angelbob) wrote,

For those that keep up with these things: the doctor tells me that my bones look just fine, except that the wrist is still a bit demineralized. So I'm taking calcium tablets and making sure to put pressure on it, which is about all that's left to do there. Not done with physical therapy for the non-bony bits, but the bones are just about done.

On an unrelated note, I took astralagos' advice to look up Hilaire Belloc, a poet, since I'm a fan of Chesterton. While I find Belloc's stuff mixed in quality with more travel-guide-to-England than I tend to go for (so yeah, he's a *lot* like Chesterton), he does have the occasional utopian dream:

The Marmozet

The species Man and Marmozet
Are intimately linked;
The Marmozet survives as yet,
But Men are all extinct.
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