Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you've been asleep awhile, and you've just suddenly woken up?

My foot has been recovering nicely, and I find myself getting up and *doing* stuff, stretching and even doing some of my old kickboxing practice that I haven't done since several weeks before the accident.

ravenslost and I bottled the mead that I've had sitting around for-freaking-ever in the secondary fermenting carboys, so I've now got lots of mead with hops, and a fair amount of mead-cider. I've got most of the stuff for honey-pumpkin mead, so I may *finally* get around to making a batch. It's a great recipe.

I went ahead and ordered a guitar and a book on playing it. I keep thinking about it, I keep not doing it. Today, I fixed that.

I got significant amounts done at work today. I updated my schedule in my Zodiac. I signed papers that needed signing. There was more, but this is plenty to write about.

Now if I can just keep it going for a bit. I've felt dulled for awhile, and I'd like it to stop. Not just since the accident, but for longer than that. I'd like to feel really properly awake for a few weeks, which would be quite a change from routine.
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