Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This week, Rob says:

One of my best teachers always referred to himself as an unteacher. My goal is to strip away your certainties," he said, "so you can be alert to how mysterious life actually is." He didn't want to fill me up with a load of fixed ideas, in other words, but rather encourage me to cultivate the habit of questioning everything. I wish I could perform the same service for you, Gemini, especially now that you're becoming more receptive to the naked truth. I'd like to help you understand that in order to fall deeply in love with the world's messy beauty, you need to be able to gaze upon it as if it were just created a moment ago. (P.S. As psychotherapist Robert Augustus Masters says, the truth cannot be rehearsed.)

I wondered, last night, what Rob would have to say this week. That's because I had a revelation spurred on by something I usually wouldn't have read, and the confluence of factors seemed like the kind of thing that yells "Brezsny". This is... enlightening.

So, right, I need to abandon my old misconceptions that stem from leaps of logic based on too little information. Today I assume I'm completely wrong and look at the problem again.

But... That's what I do *every* day.
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