Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Raven here.

Noah's still in the hospital. They kept him today as he was in quite a lot of pain. The morphine didn't work. No effect. But this afternoon the demerol (sp?) did. Luckily. He got some real sleep time in, and looked a lot better for it.

Now comes the interesting part. When they release him is going to be due, largely to his continued recovery from the surgery. ie, how much pain he's experiencing. Since they wouldn't send morphine home, and won't send demerol either, I figure this is a good thing. Hopefully more of the pain will be manageable so that he can come home tomorrow.

I'm doing some room re-organizing tonight so that we can get him into his bed. He'll be there, or possibly on the couch for the next three to six weeks. He can't put any sort of weight on either of the surgery sites. Which, seeing as they're his left foot and right arm, promises to make things a bit interesting. And will leave him basically flat for a while.

Keep an eye here tomorrow and we should have a list of things that he will need, might like, or we would appreciate people helping us with. Thank you all, for all of your good wishes, and thoughts. He really has appreciated all of your concern.
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