Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I got a book called "Drawing the Female Nude" by Giovanni Civardi. If anybody's tried drawing a person and had it come out just looking like the wrong gender (yeah, sounds funny, but seriously...), it helps.

I'm just happy that I now know enough to figure out some problems in my early drawing attempts. I tried drawing a woman from a photographic quality airbrush drawing (Hajime Sorayama is incredible), just the neck and head. I looked at his, I looked at mine. I looked again at mine. I said, "that's a guy. I have no clue *why*, but his is a woman and mine isn't."

Now I know it's because I learned to draw jawlines by practicing self portraits, and I'm (drum roll please) a guy. Women's jawlines are very different from men's, and I have an especially strong/square jaw. It probably didn't help that I learned browlines the same way, though that wasn't as pronounced.

Anyway. Yeah. I'm suddenly able to look at hips and collarbones and stuff and figure out what they're supposed to look like for women. That's going to help a lot in my figure sculpting class in a couple of weeks. Yay!

It's also nifty that one of his models is pretty androgynous, with broad shoulders, narrow hips and downward-sloping collarbones. I'm still trying to figure out what it is about her face that makes her look kinda like a guy, or at least, what about the other model's face makes her so obviously a woman.

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