Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This week, Brezsny says:

"Goodies" is your word of power this week, Gemini -- though it could also be your word of weakness. To ensure that it's more the former than the latter, meditate on the following three inquiries. 1. Of all the goodies you want, which are the two most important ones? 2. Do your flirtations with second-tier goodies tend to undermine your pursuit of the first-tier ones? If so, are you willing to wean yourself from those flirtations? 3. Do you have any doubts about whether you truly deserve the very best goodies? If so, what can you do to render the doubts irrelevant?

He's kinda got me on the whole "flirtations with second-tier goodies" thing. I've been better about it lately, which isn't to say I've been good about it.

Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what I want these days. I had this whole set of goals. A few of them I disqualified when I decided I no longer wanted them. The rest, I basically already have.

What now?
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