Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Just so it's written somewhere...

Awhile back (quick google search thinks 1998 -- has it been that long?), Brezsny wrote a horoscope for me that really changed my life, though not precisely due to the advice contained therein. I figured I should write it down, just to have done so, so that I'll have a copy sitting around if I ever look for it.

Here it is:

I confess I am now under the spell of an ingenious enchantress who has bewitched me with her sublime gorgeousness. I'm sure you understand what I mean, Gemini. My reading of the astrological aspects tells me that you, too must be in a lather over an acutely cute creature. Would you like to plagiarize the love note I just gave my heroine? Here 'tis; steal away. "I want you and me to put on shower caps and climb a hill at dusk in the January drizzle to stage a water balloon fight while singing songs from West Side Story. I want to play strip Scrabble with you in a Malaysian treehouse while amorous tigers boink below. When summer comes, I want to dress up as teenage hoodlums and go hunting for potential pet grasshoppers in a dandelion meadow next to a trailer park while chanting passages from the Bhagavad Gita."

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