Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Anybody out there looking for a good explanation of how people are put together? Especially if you're considering drawing or sculpting one, the Rogers and Peck Atlas of the Human Anatomy for Artists wins. I wish I'd had it in my Clinical Deep Tissue Massage class. The book explains a lot of things I wish we'd hit in class ("yeah, but what's 'fossa' supposed to mean?").

And hey, naked people.

Along similar lines, Bruno Lucchesi does a book on sculpting the figure which is just odd, odd, odd. He puts together a clay person out of bones and muscles, sculpted with ridiculous physical accuracy. You watch the layers going on one at a time and it's just insane. Bones, then muscles, then filler (corresponding to organs and fat) and then a very, very thin layer of clay as skin over the outside, and then finally hair.

And it's a really good-looking figure. Not only is she cute, but none of the bones and muscles and organs remain visible in the finished product :-)
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