Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Oooh, good Blowfish update!

Blowfish sends out an update to people that have asked for it every week. It's clever, funny and generally lovely, and includes stuff like new product reviews, news about sales and things, and a column called "Caught in the Net" with really unusual porn available on the web.

This week's "Caught in the Net" linked to a Worth1000 contest (I'd never heard of 'em before now) to make work-safe art... That is, to take classic works of nude or partially-nude art and make them worksafe in creative ways. The results are incredible.

Also, Blowfish is looking for an accountant. Wanna do Accounts Receivable for a sex-toy vendor?

I doubt anybody here is seriously interested, but hey, I like Blowfish. The job description:

We're looking for a very special person for a very
special job. Please read this ad carefully, and if you
think you are the person we are looking for, details on
how to apply are at the end of the ad.

We are looking for a bookkeeper. This person will be
responsible for full-charge, small-company bookkeeping,

* Accounts payable (including inquiries from vendors).
* Accounts receivable (although not collections).
* Reconciliation of bank and vendor accounts.
* Preparation of certain tax forms, under the
supervision of the CEO.
* Preparation of data for tax preparation by the
outside accountant.
* Maintenance of financial and certain other files.
* Preparation of reports for management.

In addition, like everyone else here, this person

* Answer customer phone and email questions about
* Take phone orders and queries.
* Process orders arriving through our website and by
* Assist in the warehouse with receiving, shelving,
picking and packing orders, as required.

This job requires...

* Previous small-business full-charge bookkeeping
* A near-fetish level of obsession with organization.
* Excellent interpersonal, analytical, and
problem-resolution skills.
* Excellent communication skills.
* A deep fondness for the products we sell.
* The ability to discuss sex toys, the sex scenes in
videos, and a wide variety of other sexually-related
topics coolly and professionally.
* Computer literacy.

In addition, the following are a plus, although not
absolutely required:

* Previous experience with QuickBooks.
* Previous experience in the sex products field.
* Macintosh experience.

We offer:

* A relaxed, informal working environment.
* A very good collection of benefits (including a
substantial employee discount)!
* Competitive compensation.
* A really, really fun and unusual way to spend your
days, and make money while doing it.

If this sounds like a job you'd love to do, please send
the following information to

* A complete resume, with no unexplained time gaps.

* A cover letter, detailing any applicable experience
relative to the job requirements above, and giving your
salary requirements.

Please do not call, and please make sure your email
contains all of the above.

Please send all documents in a plain-text email, a PDF,
or a Microsoft Word document.

We're very sorry, but we cannot consider resumes not
conforming to the above requirements.

This job is an office position in the Potrero Hill
neighborhood in San Francisco. We cannot accommodate

Blowfish is an equal-opportunity employer.

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