Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Good stuff today:

  • PG&E will reprint old bills and send them to you. That's a good thing.

  • The car rental folks were very nice, although I didn't get the car back to them as fast as I'd have liked.

  • Presents arrived from my family. They're books. Yay, books!

  • TapWave wants to talk to me tomorrow. I may have a job shortly. That'd rock.

  • Tomorrow I go see the Harry Potter movie with excellent folks.

  • My tickets to Japan and my rail pass exchange have arrived.

Bad stuff today:

  • The light bulb in my bedroom burned out. When I replaced it, I dropped the thing that holds the cover on, and it rolled away somewhere.

  • TapWave wants to talk to me tomorrow. This means it's something more complicated than "we love you, come work for us." But hey, it's also more complicated than "you suck, go away."

  • No passport yet. Still not King.

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