Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I've arranged for the bookcase thing to happen, thanks to rightkindofme, who made a ridiculously prompt offer with ridiculously little effort on my part. Thanks! All of you who offered if I couldn't find anybody else -- don't worry, it's taken care of. And thanks to all of you who offered as well!

DHP preparation continues apace. Much cleaning remains to be done in the house, but the yardwork's nearly done and so are most of the shopping trips. Strawberry-pineapple sangria is soaking away, and another pineapple waits to become fresh pineapple at the DHP. Good stuff. This all seems so much easier when I don't start the day of the party :-)

Thanks to japlady, our cleanup volunteer, and to the continuing efforts of bk2w and tshuma!
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