Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Years ago, rock star Sting bragged about the extravagant tantric lovemaking that he and his wife enjoyed. Their erotic sessions sometimes lasted for eight consecutive hours, he said. But recently he confessed that his earlier claims had been overstated. "What I didn't say about the eight-hour marathons," he told British TV station ITV, "was that they included four hours of begging and then dinner and a movie." I urge you to regard Sting as your role model in the coming week, Gemini. Spend some time making good-humored corrections of your past hyperbole. While you're at it, atone for any other extreme or immoderate behavior that may still be generating misconceptions.

Huh. Hyperbole? Extreme or immoderate behavior? I can't say I don't have a bit of those here and there. More extreme or immoderate behavior than hyperbole. At least, if hyperbole means stuff I actually said rather than stuff that has apparently been said about me. I try hard to control the amount of that, but it's tough.

But correct it?

Currently only people that find me really appealing bother to try to get on my dance card, because I'm obviously very busy, and because there are unsavory stories about me travelling around. This saves me time, effort and embarrassment.

Maybe I should take this as an opportunity to start circulating *more* unsavory stories about myself.

On an unrelated note, job interview tomorrow. Well, today technically. That's a good thing.

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