Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Happy Belated Wednesday

Brezsny says:

It's molting time, Gemini. If you were a bird, you'd lose your worn-out feathers and sprout a fresh batch. If you were a snake, you'd shed your old skin to make way for the new. If you were a lobster, you'd slough off your exoskeleton because it was constraining your ability to grow, then replace it with a bigger version. So what's your personal version of molting? Maybe some aspect of your persona needs to be cast off. Or maybe some armor that previously shielded you has begun to cramp your style. It won't happen overnight, and you'll feel vulnerable during the transition. But the process is perfectly normal; indeed, it's essential for your health.

On that note, does anybody want some lightly-used bondage equipment? No, no, not all of it. For starters, some of it doesn't qualify as "lightly used". There are just a couple of specific bits I'm getting rid of. Oh, plus an ugly, massive, hand-carved chair :-)

Oy. I need to clear out the shed now that my room's done. Unemployment has been good for getting rid of needless junk.

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