Noah (angelbob) wrote,

So there I was, sickness-addled, on AIM, and several things came together that suddenly make sense. I'm writing it down before I regain my wits.

Specialized sentiments call for specialized vocabulary. There are many things that deserve their own words, and have to be referred to obliquely. Particularly in written communication, these days we tend to use cute acronyms. For instance, Dan Savage, who gives relationship advice, has the cute acronym DTMFA, for Dump The MotherFucker Already.

Despite the questions he routinely gets, "motherfucker" is used figuratively rather than literally in that phrase.

I frequently want to ask other people overpersonal questions, with the preceding disclaimer that I know they're personal and the person can refuse to answer without causing offense.

So from here on out, I should start using the acronym "FOIFA", standing for "Fuck Off Is A Fine Answer", as in the phrase, "So, FOIFA, but why haven't you DTMFA?"
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