Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Yesterday's papers and yesterday's news...

It's been an odd 24 hours or so, in that I spent a lot of yesterday evening catching up with all the LiveJournalling you guys have done in the past week, and now I'm grabbing my email off Yahoo Mail (with a program called YoSucker!) from the last year and a half...

Very retrospective, at least compared to my usual.

On that note: two years ago, in April of 2002, I was just about to start a figure-sculpting class and take Janet Hardy's "Ethical Sluthood" class. I never *did* take that bartending class. And I was already distinctly post-bootcamp at that point because I was doing a twice-a-week kickboxing class.

Man. Didn't realize that I'd been slacking off on really seriously exercising for almost two years already :-)
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