Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Went to the Plough last night. One of the groups of people I was there to meet ditched me, alas. S'okay, we were just arranging later activities, and that happened anyway by email.

But I got to help out some college folks from a place I'd never heard of near Walnut Creek. They were acting students learning basic Irish dance for a play they're doing. Ordinarily I wouldn't be a great choice of helper in a place like the Starry Plough but John, the regular beginning instructor, was sick. The Intermediate instructor who replaced him for the day, while she knew her business, was awful for beginners and there was a really large beginner class yesterday. So I got to wrangle my group which was me and three of the student actors. I'm not John, but I did okay. And having the intermediate instructor for a day meant that my four-hand reel and travelling step improved significantly. I actually went out and danced the four-hand reel with some folks during the evening. Nifty. I'll never remember all the figures...
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