Noah (angelbob) wrote,

A little over three weeks ago, I sent in a proposal for an O'Reilly book. Like, to O'Reilly. I was looking at the DGD stuff I was doing and I thought, hey, this'd be really cool.

They sent me a rejection notice on Monday. That's not shocking. DGD is proprietary enough that they'd be likely to dislike it on those grounds, and the free LPC things out there (Shattered World, Pike) aren't common or very far advanced. The rejection notice was basically just a "not on our publishing roadmap", which is presumably like "no appropriate position available". Generic rejection, no real details.

And that was fine.

However, today I actually got a much more personalized note from Nathaniel Torkington, the author of "GTK+/GNOME Application Development" suggesting maybe doing a couple of articles on an O'Reilly site about it along with an editor who'd be potentially interested in helping me with it. Nat basically said that current applications are well and good, but the userbase isn't large enough to justify a book, which is likely to be true. Le sigh.

But hey, personalized rejection notice with, like, minor actual interest in the subject matter. Cool!

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