Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Went to a friend's birthday on Friday. I tend to forget why I don't like that gathering. It's not that I don't like large groups of people, it's just that I like only *specific* large groups of people. Or at least, there are specific people that I like in large groups, no matter how many of them are in one gathering.

I can tolerate other folks in smaller numbers, but above a certain level it's just too much.

As a possible follow-on to that, maybe I should pick the people I like in large groups and do another boat trip. Summer's creeping up on us... Dunno. It's expensive and takes time, and I *did* just change jobs. But it's really excellent to lie back on the boat, somebody up above (with optional beer) steering as we meander... Going slow, taking time, and knowing that we *can't* have anywhere to be, we're stuck out on the beautiful water just relaxing...


But then, I just started the sculpting class on Sundays, so I guess that's not a great idea. Sigh.
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