Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Every so often I link to one comic or another at a site called Deep Fried. It varies between amusingly political, funny but disgusting, and what I'd call kicked-in-the-gut funny. By that last one, I mean skillful use of dialog and characters in a way that shows you a universal truth that you really don't want to face, in the humor equivalent of guerilla warfare.

At his best, Jason Youngbluth (the author) can take you on a lovely little funny-yet-mildly-traumatic excursion that becomes unexpectedly nightmarish, and the nightmare doesn't stop when the comic does.

I understand that few people besides me really appreciate that. However, trauma above a certain quality (and it *is* extremely well done) should be pointed out. Without further ado, Clarissa in one of her earliest storylines.
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