Noah (angelbob) wrote,

An AIM log

Cortney of Eden: I think you're much more familiar with my childhood stomping grounds. ;-)
angelbob76: Pittsburgh, you mean?
Cortney of Eden: Yup.
angelbob76: I guess that's true. I've lived in Squirrel Hill..
angelbob76: Though I'm sure you know it better than I do.
Cortney of Eden: Quite possibly.
Cortney of Eden: Where did you live in Squill?
angelbob76: Phillips Ave, not far from Murray.
Cortney of Eden: LMAO
angelbob76: Near the New Dumpling House, if that helps.
Cortney of Eden: My parents live on Melvin St.
angelbob76: Heh.
Cortney of Eden: Well, not for much longer.
angelbob76: I only vaguely remember where that is, though....
Cortney of Eden: But we moved there when I was 5.
Cortney of Eden: Take Phillips towards Wightman from Murray.
Cortney of Eden: Around the little curve, there's a one-way street to the left.
Cortney of Eden: That's Melvin.
angelbob76: Oh, okay.
angelbob76: Yup.
angelbob76: We were just before that. Like, feet before.
angelbob76: The house was two stories with a big front porch, if that helps.
Cortney of Eden: One of the duplexes?
angelbob76: Yup.
Cortney of Eden: Not the one with all the crazy art projects on the porch?
angelbob76: Yup.
Cortney of Eden: LMAO
angelbob76: One of the guys I lived with was Jim...
angelbob76: He's the one restoring the castle in Spain.
Cortney of Eden: I'm incredibly incredibly amused.
Cortney of Eden: You have any idea how many times I probably walked by there when you lived there?
angelbob76: :-)
Cortney of Eden: You lived <1 block from me.
angelbob76: Excellent. Silly, but excellent.
Cortney of Eden: LMAO
Cortney of Eden: Now I'm VERY greatly amused.
Cortney of Eden: I used to defend the nifty art to neighbors who'd bitch and moan that it was inappropriate.
angelbob76: Heh :-)
angelbob76: Apparently the city actually served notice to Jim at some point.
Cortney of Eden: I'm not surprised.
Cortney of Eden: That's what happens when you're almost next door to a city council member. ;-)
angelbob76: Jim's very much a "knows his rights" type, so he simply complied with the letter of the law, which required almost no change.
angelbob76: He also posted the ordinance he was accused of violating in large text, with his response :-)
Cortney of Eden: Yes, I thoroughly remember that, noting it, and chuckling while going on my merry way.
angelbob76: A guy who's well-disposed to be a squatter in a Spanish castle, really.
Cortney of Eden: Indeed.
Cortney of Eden: That just makes my day.
Cortney of Eden: Thank you for bringing me such fabulous amusement.
Cortney of Eden: :-)
angelbob76: Heh. Glad to be of service :-)
Cortney of Eden: Now I begin to wonder who the cute guy I occasionally saw coming in and out of that house was you or not. ;-)
Cortney of Eden: ::singing:: It's a small world, after all.
angelbob76: :-D

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