Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Oh, and my second Skotos Article went up on Monday. It's about how much text has to be written to get your game going, and how you can reduce that amount most effectively. That's going to be a theme in my even-numbered columns for at least a couple of months.

I'm not 100% thrilled with it, in retrospect. It seems short, and maybe a tad choppy. But it makes a very good point, and one that needs making, and it does it in a pointed and accurate way.

No feedback yet in the forums, so perhaps it passed by without making an impression. My next article is on software licensing in MUDs, so I hope there'll be a nice OSS/GNU "Everybody But Me Sucks"-type flamewar in two weeks. I'm anticipating a lot of people who don't understand the GPL contesting my claim that it doesn't work for MUD servers (it doesn't -- no binary is normally distributed to players, so no source needs to be given). There's even the off chance that it'll be slashdotted, as a couple of Skotos articles have been in the past. That'd be nice. I could use some notoriety, and badmouthing all the major MUD development efforts in a very public forum would get me that :-P

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