Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I recently updated my MUDLib & DGD docs site, as people here are no doubt tired of hearing. I'm looking at doing a similar-but-different overhaul of my LPC textbook, or more correctly, its successor.

I want to keep the overall look the same, both for in-site consistency and because it's a good look. However, I want to change it enough that it's obvious you're in a different section of the site. Plus, a book is generally designed to be browsed very differently than a summary/reference site like my main DGD site.

I really like what this guy has done with his book's format, including parent/child links, prev/next links and a friendly overall setup. His was the one custom-built tool I seriously considered before creating my own (and the general-purpose tools were all awful). This stuff's all opensource, so I feel just fine taking some bits of his HTML's look as well :-)

But I'd like to keep the XHTML verification link and SourceForge logo link that I have on my existing pages. That's the funny stuff at the bottom of the navbar on the left side. So I was thinking that nav links like prev/next would go in the top bar, the child links would go underneath the text (just like Havoc Pennington's book, above, does), and then there would be another bar underneath the content.

I'd definitely want the XHTML and SourceForge logos in the bottom bar, and maybe repeat the prev/home/next links again the way that HP's book does. It'd take out the left-side navbar, maybe the title at the top, and generally a lot of quick-reference type links, but I figure that's fine in a book -- if you want quick-reference, you go to the index :-)

What do you folks think?

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