Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This week, Brezsny says:

In his masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, Gemini poet Dante Alighieri described Hell as having nine levels, each deeper in the earth and each filled with more terrible sinners than the one above it. Condemned to the eighth level, along with liars, pimps, hypocrites, and frauds, were astrologers. Yet in another book, The Convivio, Dante expressed a reverence for astrology, calling it the highest and most noble of all the sciences. Was he confused? No. He believed that though astrology is a high and noble science, some of its practitioners abuse it so dreadfully they give it a bad name. Can you do what Dante did, Gemini? Can you comfortably hold big paradoxes? I hope so. Wherever you seem to see nonsensical incongruities this week, you will need to penetrate deeper and understand better.

I'm generally pretty good with nonsensical incongruities :-)

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