February 1st, 2017

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Patronage of the Arts

Being a patron of the arts is weird on the Internet, but it's all kinds of not dead.

Today, the Kickstarter for Sunless Skies went up -- it's the sequel to Sunless Sea and to Fallen London (formerly Echo Bazaar), those weird games about "what if Hell bought London in the 1800s, took it underground, and the whole Victorian thing never went away but became horribly twisted?"

(They're good games and good stories. Fallen London is free, if you'd like to have a go.)

And every level of the Kickstarter where they put your story in the game in some capacity were taken, on day one, before I first even looked at it. The one where they name a geographical feature after your name (but no story or customization) has 95 of 100 taken as of this moment.

Apparently somebody out there is willing to pay to be part of a good story.

And apparently you can definitely get by on the "1000 true fans" thing even with games, which are usually perceived as a tough market to sell to true believers.