November 2nd, 2015

2013 work pic (2)

Back from TX


Was wonderful to see Krissy and the girls. Things went surprisingly smoothly with the TX family. Was a little guilty to not see more of Ben (one of my brothers), but he was in law school most of the time. Apparently Baylor trains them all to be litigators, no matter what they'll actually be doing. He apparently is more into municipal law stuff, but perhaps he'll go litigate afterward, dunno.

Brought home a 60lb duffel despite a hurt foot. I checked it, but still had to haul it to and from. I looked a bit like an ant dragging a caterpillar with it hoisted up on my shoulders. (Looked heavier than it was.)

Still doing various unpacking and related bits, of course, but I'm mostly settled in again.