August 19th, 2015

It's medicinal!

Feelin' slow

I'm a touch sick -- just a bit of a head cold, and not a huge amount of that. But enough to be annoying and make me not want to do anything but sit around and play video games.

Which I did until the wee hours on the night before last, so last night I ignored that urge and passed out at 8. I'm still waking up by 6 every morning. My schedule just hasn't budged on that bit. Even on mornings when the cat doesn't get me up at 5:30 (the kids aren't here, so presumably she knows she has to do her part or I might sleep in.)

My schedule is feeling lousy lately. I'm not (mostly) forgetting things, but I'm trying to interview a bunch of people, and there's a lot of "recruiter didn't get the email through, saw no confirmation, treated everything as scheduled anyway" and "homework/test came up at the last minute, call and cancel" and "not consistently using Google Calendar so they scheduled me for two different interviews on the same Wednesday at 2pm" sort of things. Plus, *I* forgot to put my haircut on the calendar, and rescheduling those is always iffy. The lady who gives me haircuts is awesome, but very busy. I may just be extra-shaggy for a month.

I miss Krissy and the kids. I mean, I just flew out and saw them this past weekend. But I really miss having them around.

Updating LJ like this had one big interesting challenge for the past couple of months -- I couldn't mention the big awesome birthday book that Debbie and I were making for Krissy, and it was enough work to make a significant difference in my spare-time schedule. I find I kind of miss that writing constraint :-)