May 4th, 2015

2013 work pic (2)


Popped my old SATA drive out of the ancient machine I hadn't had the heart to disassemble and get rid of yet. Attached it to a little SATA-to-USB cable thing. I'm (slowly) copying many-years-old files off it that I no longer really remember. I'll dig deeper later, I'm sure there will be some interesting stuff.

But for the moment... WOW! I remember when hard drives made that noise!

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Drink recipes

Been buying Tiki drink ingredients and playing around a bit lately.

Two recipes:

Rum Shirley
- 1 part cachaca or white Rhum Agricole
- 2 parts falernum
- 1 part grenadine
- 2 parts sours mix
- Sprite to taste, about 2-6 parts

This is basically an alcoholic Shirley Temple, and as deadly as you'd hope. "Hey, why don't you put some alcohol in this?"

Cherry Fire
1 part Cherry Heering
1 part falernum
1 shake of Cayenne pepper

What it says on the tin.

In case you're curious, falernum is an almond/clove/spices Caribbean drink, either as alcoholic as wine or non-alcoholic. You can substitute white rum for cachaca or Rhum Agricole, if you must. But it's better with the real thing.

I'm not sure what you'd substitute for Cherry Heering unless you have another cherry brandy.